Jennifer James

Jennifer grew up in California with an instant passion for natural living and health, with a bright personality, it was easy to live every day to the fullest potential. She continued to watch and absorb all the knowledge she could find about natural healing and remedies and learning at a young age about the environmental and health impacts from some of the smallest things people were doing daily out of sheer convenience. 

A passion was ignited in her and with her vibrant, sparkling personality, there was no stopping her when it came to helping women live their best versions of themselves inside and out. 

When friends and other women started coming to her, asking her for advice on how to make the small changes in their lives to reduce radical toxins and become more natural, Jennifer knew she had to start a tribe of women helping women to find ways to be the healthiest versions of themselves. 

But 10 years ago, Jennifer did what 300,000 women do every year; she got breast implants. With the referrals of many friends in hand and wanting a boost in confidence, she went and had the procedure. 

The unsuspecting problems would show up almost immediately in the form of a Capsular Contracture and loss of crease. Devastated, she went back to the Dr. who explained that this can happen, though it was rare to have both at the same time.

Soon after, she would be bombarded with over 30 symptoms, including hair-loss, aches and pains, chronic headaches and even an irritability that was so unlike her unique and bubbly personality, she knew something was wrong.

As someone so in tuned with her body and healthy by all accounts, she went to multiple doctors, who even went as far as to diagnose her with Fibromyalgia.

When none of the treatments helped, she felt defeated and lost until a couple of friends approached her quietly and mentioned her symptoms matched Breast Implant Illness. She turned to as many resources as she could to learn more about this seemingly new term, and In 2019, after speaking with Dr. Kevin Brenner, she decided to have an explant surgery in the hopes removing the foreign objects from her body would stop her from being poisoned from the inside out and bring back some resemblance of the previous, vibrant personality she missed so much. 

After the surgery she saw the changes she was hoping for. Instantly she had more energy, was sleeping better and was so much happier with less irritability. Since then, she continues to feel increasingly healthier with the previous myriad of symptoms lessening day by day. Now she is becoming the brightest version of the star she was before. 

Today she uses her experience with BII to help educate and guide other women who might be suffering from the same symptoms. Continuing with her vehemence for healthy living, she has built her own company, Clean Beauty By Jenn, helping people find natural replacements to everyday ingredients and products so we can lessen the environmental impact on our skin and bodies. She speaks as an advocate for BII regularly and is always available to encourage and lift women to their highest, healthy potential.

Jennifer is the owner and creator of Clean Beauty By Jenn; a wellness platform to teach people how to live a toxin-free life. She has grown up with a knowledge of how regular day-to-day items could be affecting our health, and after suffering from BII herself, she and a team of like-minded women developed the platform Explant Liaison to assist women going through what she did. Along with Clean Beauty By Jenn, she has developed an all-encompassing resource to bring women together to learn and support healthy living and a healthy environment.