Part Two: How to Tell the Difference Between my BII Symptoms and a Natural Detox.

To touch more on environmental and chemical sensitivity, here is an example of my experience with Botox after explants. I chose to continue Botox again after my explant surgery, a twice-a-year thing, another society pressure. For reference, I have done Botox about 3 times in my life and waited about six months after my surgery to continue using it. Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to it, which has never happened before. Now, I understand this was my body’s way of telling me that one toxin has been released from my body, and I should not be putting another in. My reaction was temporary paralysis of my body, bad headache, and motion sickness. Not something you ever want to experience.

Your body has an amazing way of telling YOU when something is not right! I hope this two-part blog you to tell the difference between BII symptoms and the body’s natural detoxification process.

Since BII is new, there are no real answers to questions we have regarding the proper way to manage post symptoms after explanting. The more we talk about our individual stories the better we can all help to educate others about the process. I believe that these will be testimonials of our senses, common sense, and experience-based knowledge. Most of what you will hear in these blogs are stories from my personal experience and from other women who have had their own experiences with BII. If you have any feedback, questions, or want to contribute to any of our blogs with your personal story, I am happy to have you speak your truth to others!